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Our services is provided to mechanical contractors, general contractors, as well as directly to building owners, all services are performed in accordance to project plans and specifications, we are specalized Hospitals, universities, schools, government facilities, restaurants, commercial spaces, kitchen and other fume hoods and clean rooms. our services is applicable for New Construction, existing system components, Building Remodeling and Rehabilitation.

Air Balancing:

Testing and Adjusting of Air Distribution Systems.
Adjusting Total System to Provide Design Quantities.
Full Service Air Balance.
Electrical Measurements.
Establishing Quantitative Performance of All Equipment.
Verifying Automatic Controls.
Checking Installations for Conformity to Design.
Measuring and Establishing Fluid Quantities.
Recording and Reporting the Results.

Hydronic Balancing:

Balancing of Water Flow Rate.
Full Service Hydronic Balancing.
Circulating Pumps.
Electrical Measurements.
Calculating Energy Transfer Rates of Fluids Through Heat Exchangers.
Establishing Pressure Drop Relationships of Hydronic Components.
Ensuring Efficient Operation of Heating & Cooling Systems.

Sound and Vibration:

Sound Source Testing.
Noise Level Testing.
A&C Weighted Sound Measurements.
Octave Band Analysis.
Vibration Testing.
Vibration Source Identification.
Vibration Isolation.
HVAC Commissioning.
Duct Leakage Testing.

Smoke Control System Testing.

Lab Fume Hood and Kitchen Hood Testing. order online at usa pharmacy! buy dapoxetine uk online. online drugstore, buy dapoxetine in india.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing: Co2, Temperature and Humidity Testing and Data Logging.

Analyses and Troubleshooting Existing Systems 

Testing existing systems and operating conditions including recommendations for improvement in air flow, energy efficiency, noise and comfort.